Sunday, 5 June 2011

jay bee y'all...

hye there.. 
its me fisya.. my real name is zarith aufisya binti abdul majid..
i stay in johor.area?johor bahru..address?cannot maa..
i only give my address to all my friends..not anons like you..
2 days ago i go to Muar..
to meet my!!then i met with kakak's friend..
his name is shazwan..then yesterday i went to Malacca cause my father's friend's daughter wedding..
i  ate a lot..then i went to uncle johari's house..
his wife is so beautiful..i felt weird cause uncle johari i called uncle..
but his wife i called her kak ila..weird right??hihi
then we went to menara tamingsari..but cannot go la cause had no parking...
uncle johari's house is so beautiful..
his wife give borrow her cloth to me for change it.. 
i really adore his wife cause his wife is soooooo beautiful..
then last night my family and cousin back to muar cause the other cousin want to meet me..
until 5.30 pm i and my family arrived jb..
soooo bored..urggghhh...
i want to meet the other cousin!!!
ok lah..i am so tired..i wanna sleep..bye2 y'all
thanks for reading..
sorry if my english are not as good as you..hehe..

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